Just so you know: originally I started the blog Passion & Obsession to show you all of the different projects of beauty I was working on – NEXT to my vintage online store Stilzitat. I thought my vintage products had nothing to do with the other projects I was working on.
Over the past months I noticed, that my work on my vintage & photography is developing into one direction and it feels very good! It couldn’t have felt more fitting to continue to publish all my work under just one name – STILZITAT. I moved my blog to and my other social media pages continue to run under the name of Stilzitat: and
I hope you are not too confused, Stilzitat is working on a corporate identity and I am more than happy to see it grow…
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Roses & Macarons via Passion and Obsession blog
Roses and macarons via Passion and Obsession blog
Roses & Macarons via Passion and Obsession blog
Roses & Macarons via Passion and Obsession blog
My summer vacation is unfortunately over & lets begin with: where it ended!
I’ve been to Italy & actually can’t wait to show you the pictures, but I also REALLY, REALLY missed working with flowers… So here we go – a few quick images of roses & macarons.
I got back from a very sunny vacation in Italy – just to spend another perfect week with my little cousin & his lovely lady. They came to visit me in Germany & travelled Europe a little… They got me Macarons from Paris & we all decided, that it was not our kind of taste… It doesn’t really matter, because they are some little photogenic suckers! So I wonder: all these pretty images of macarons on Instagram – do you really love their taste or is it just because they look like supermodels of foodporn?


Stilzitat flower exhibition Kitchen Club Dortmund via Passion and Obsession blog
Stilzitat flower exhibition Kitchen Club Dortmund via Passion and Obsession blog
Do you remember me posting so many flower pictures? I love my little flower pictures, but it’s even more exciting to see your own photography blown up to a bigger size! Today I had a chance to display my flower pictures at the Kitchen Club here in Dortmund. It looks fresh & is perfect for the summer weather!
I am going to Italy this week, it’s going to be a loooong vacation & I won’t be posting a lot, so if you want to take a glimpse at my work: go to the Kitchen Club, enjoy the photography & eat the best food ever!
And if you are still not satisfied & catch yourself missing me: don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and look me up once in a while on VSCO!


Car full of flowers via Passion and obsession blog
flower arrangement for garden party via Passion and Obsession blog
Last weekend I had a garden party for my vintage enthusiastic friends. I always wanted to throw a summer garden party & mix it with a vintage event. It all started a day before the party, with collecting flowers for a summer decoration, I arranged dill & wild flowers from a field nearby. My car was full of flowers and bugs, but it was worth it! The garden was filled with such a nice smell coming from all the flowers & the dill! My friends and I had a great time, I had a chance to see everyone before my long summer vacation. Next to my vintage treasures I had a chance to display my illustrations, that I had blown up to decorate some of my vintage purses. What do you think of such a way of displaying bags? For everyone, who missed the event, there is going to be another one! I hope, real soon!
Fashion illustration by Stilzitat via Passion and Obsession blog
Summer garden Party



A few weeks ago I came across the VSCO Cam while searching for some new apps. You are not familiar with VSCO? So wasn’t I! What a shame! Go & get the VSCO Cam instantly if you are into photo apps! VSCO lets you display you pictures in a grid. Above you can see, that I am slowly building my grid, doesn’t it look great?
I downloaded some very nice filters, my favorites are called T1 – T3… Though I would recommend every filter: working with different filters is what makes VSCO so great because it is so different from other apps!
They describe themselves as a minimalist publishing platform that honors art and artists! They continue by saying ‘VSCO Grid is founded on the idea that beauty can be found by anyone in anyplace.’ My motto! What about you?
Before I forget: go to VSCO to take a look to my gallery


Stilzitat Instagram
My little company & I celebrate the summer! I have been enjoying the good weather with my best friend, who came to visit from Hamburg. We ate heart-shaped strawberries & had the bestest of time in the garden!
In 2 weeks I am going to Italy for a long summer vacation, but before this long vacation, I decided to have a little POP – UP PURSE PARTY! So I was preparing invitations for my garden party, painted water color balloons, tired to make some garlands (not pictured, yet).
This is, how the invitation turned out, how do you like it?
Invitation pop - up purse party Stilzitat
Will you come to meet us?


Stilzitat Instagram via Passion and Obsession blog
Last week was very busy & I was wondering where all my energy went… Maybe it’s the lack of sun? A healthy dinner won’t hurt, so I had my first pimientos & a sweet mango relish & lots of fish… So I decided to eat more veggies & less meat… Still waiting for my energy to come back, though…


Sunday Inspiration 'it always seems impossible until it's done' via Passion and Obsession blog
No matter how difficult times are & no matter where I look: you have the choice to determine how you look on life’s tribulations! I admire people, who are faced with gigantic problems & still manage to inspire others… Being a positive person is a choice I have made a long time ago & I believe in the fact, that life is too short to complain & stress about small things! Go out there and have fun! …as long, as you are here to make a difference!